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Hydropool Serenity 6000 Hot Tub

The 5-6 Person Model 6000 features a lounger and is designed, engineered for comfort, quality and performance and well equipped with many standard features. All Serenity Hot Tub models are ergonomically designed for full body support and comfort. Soft, comfortable pillows gently support your head and neck, while wide lumbar support seats cradle your body. Serenity’s unique “Versa massage” hydrotherapy system adds the final touch, massaging every inch of your body. A Serenity Hot Tub boasts a wide variety of stainless steel jet sizes and types from powerful wide body streams to penetrating finger tip massage, each jet individually adjusts to deliver optimum hydrotherapy.

Soft, comfortable pillows gently support your head and neck, while wide lumbar support seats cradle your body. With an impressive range of stainless steel jets, you can have your choice between receiving powerful wide body streams or delicate, deep massages.
The Serenity control panel gives you unparalleled control over your hydrotherapy program, making it easy to use and functionally flexible. Programmable filtration functions included.
The 6000’s built-in unique Versa hydrotherapy system is equipped to massage and soothe every tender muscle and every aching joint.
This hot tub comes with a variety of powerful stainless steel jets, that can be used for wide body, robust streams to deep tissue massages. You can have a choice between either a 30 jet hot tub (Gold series) or a 40 jet option (Platinum series).
With features like LED lighting, freeze protection, temperature control and a pump purge function, the 6000 hot tub is both versatile and highly sophisticated.
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Hydropool Serenity 6000 Hot Tub specifications
6-7 People
Gold – 30 Jets
Platinum – 40 Jets
Shell Dimensions
83.5″ x 83.5″
212 cm x 212 cm
93 cm
405 Gallons
1,533 Litres
Weight Full
4,049 lbs
1,837 kg
Weight Empty
670 lbs
304 kg
  • Acrylic Colours
  • Cabinet Colours
  • Cover Colours
Alpine Mist Acrylic
Alpine Mist
Black Opal Acrylic
Black Opal
Quartz-Mist Acrylic
Quartz Mist
Midnight Canyon Acrylic
Midnight Canyon
Pure White
Tuscan Sun Acrylic
Tuscan Sun
Silver Marble Acrylic
Silver Marble Acrylic
Sky Blue Acrylic
Sky Blue
Driftwood Dura
Espresso Dura
Midnight hot tub Cabinet
Driftwood hot tub Cabinet
Black Cherry hot tub Cabinet
Black Cherry
Grey hot tub cover
Chestnut hot tub cover

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