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Hydropool Self Cleaning 17 fX AquaSport Swim Spa

Where else can you find a luxurious hot tub, a pool and an aquatic gym all in one place? The Hydropool AquaSport 17FX is the perfect swim spa for everyone. Make time for what matters with your family and friends. 

Our swimming area and AquaFlow Swim Jet are built so you avoid hitting your feet on any hidden obstacles like steps or benches. Both versions come with Self-Clean Mode, as well as programmable filtration cycles and the HydroClean floor vacuum.
The AquaSport Swim Spa is a fiberglass reinforced acrylic one-piece mini-pool that delivers the most fun and has the exercise benefits of the AquaTrainer at a more affordable price. Get the benefits of a full size pool but with less cost, less space and less maintenance with our AquaTrainer 17FX swim spas.
The AquaSport 17FX is a true aquatic gym. The specially designed swim area is built with an anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of exercises. The AquaSport has Hydrotherapy massage seats and uses an AquaCord swim-in-place harness in combination with swim jets for swimming resistance.
The intensity of your workout is controlled by your movements and the speed of the current which creates the perfect training environment. Adjust the current from a gentle front crawl to a 1:02 hundred-meter swim pace a challenge for even a competitive swimmer.
Personalise your swim spa with a number of options including the EZ-Ultra Pure Ozone system, LED Northern Lights, choice of Dreamscents and rowing kit.

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Hydropool Self Cleaning 17 fX AquaSport Swim Spa
Hydrotherapy Seating
2 Person
Dimensions (LxWxH)
209″ x 93″ x 49″
533cm x 236cm x 124cm
Swim Spa Volume
2,181 Gallons
8,259 Litres
Empty Weight
2,627 lbs
1,192 Kg
Weight Full
20,835 lbs
9,451 kg
  • Acrylic Colours
  • Cabinet Colours
  • Cover Colours
Alpine Mist Acrylic
Alpine Mist
Quartz-Mist Acrylic
Quartz Mist
Pure White
Silver Marble Acrylic
Silver Marble Acrylic
Midnight hot tub Cabinet
Driftwood hot tub Cabinet
Black Cherry hot tub Cabinet
Black Cherry
Grey hot tub cover

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If you would like to know more about our Swim Spa range call us on 0161 292 6649 or click below and we will send you a brochure.
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