Hydropool Self Cleaning 14 fX AquaSport Swim Spa

Finding the perfect swim spa to train, swim and relax in has never been easier with The Hydropool 14fx.  Where else can you find a luxurious hot tub, a pool and an aquatic gym all in one place? All the luxuries of a spa and the fitness of a swimming pool can be right in the comfort of your own home with a Hydropool AquaSport.

Our AquaFlow Swim Jet provides a smooth current and our tank design has no hidden obstacles like steps or benches for your feet to hit. Also included in both versions are the HighFlow Corestream & the AquaCord Swim tether.

The Hydropool SwimSpas have all of the benefits of a full size pool but they cost less, they take up less space and they need less maintenance. All SwimSpas have the Self Clean Mode function as well as a integrated pressurised filter and programmable filtration cycles.

The AquaSport provides you with the perfect universal aquatic gym with a swim area and anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of exercises. The value packed SwimSpa requires only one pump to operate the Hydrotherapy massage seats and comes with swim jets for swimming resistance.

Create the perfect training environment. The intensity of your workout is controlled by your movements and the speed of the current. Use the current to swim, row, paddle or perform other water based exercises and sport. Also hosts two-person seating

Personalise your swim spa with a number of options including High Performance Wide Stream jets, LED Northern lights, rowing kits & the AquaFlex Current control function.

Our Swim Spas are suitable for all ages. Check out the video above to see all the fun that can be had in one of our Swim Spas.

Model 14Fx Aquasport swimspa
Dimensions (WxLxH) 236cm x 442cm x 124cm
Hydrotherapy Seating 4 persons
Volume 6536 Litres
Empty Weight 1044kg
Full Weight 7607kg